In the heart of the village of


Extending along the slopes of several beautiful Côte de Beaune villages, Vincent’s vineyards allow him to offer a large range of white and red wines, from villages appellations to Grand Cru, with a total surface area of approximately ten hectares.

Vincent et Aline Bouzereau
vincent & aline bouzereau

A Family

Vincent’s heart is in Meursault, not far from its church tower, where he grew up and learned from his father and grandfather the winemaker’s craft. It is in this village that since 1990, with the aid of his wife, Aline, he has practiced his trade with passion.

Vincent’s energy and determination allowed them to acquire multiple new parcels along the way, in addition to the family vines passed down to him from his parents.

" The Burgundy Refuge "

A taste for entrepreneurship inspired Vincent and Aline to restore and renovate the house and cuverie called “ l’Asile Bourgogne ”, an old Meursault property acquired in 1992. They have since added new wings built of cut stone to its existing cellars.

From vine to bottle

A love for the land compels Vincent to take great care of his vineyards, and to take pleasure in working them throughout the year.

He constantly seeks to perfect his methods of viticulture, vinification, and aging in order to permit an ever more diligent wine production.

Conviviality &


Aline and Vincent delight in welcoming visitors with open arms, a value they have passed on to their six children. For Vincent, the culmination of the year’s work is in opening and sharing his wines with others, in the cellar or around a beautiful table decorated with homemade meals. Needless to say, nothing is more precious to him than a compliment received during the tasting of one of these bottles.

Domaine Bouzereau Bourgogne