From vine to bottle


To produce a beautiful bottle,

one needs beautiful grapes!

Meursault vin blanc

Everything begins in the vines, and Vincent loves his work there throughout the year: winter pruning, subsoiling treatments, working the soil in the spring, attaching the branches, pulling weeds, de-budding, vine training, replacing the dead rootstock, repairing stakes and wires, trimming the branches, green pruning if necessary, and sustainable spraying, remaining always at the vine’s disposal: a full itinerary of work to accomplish!

Massale selection

a family specialty for quality vineyards!

Sélection massale Bouzereau

All the plantations are the result of a massale selection that takes place within the family vineyards on Aline and Vincent’s own plants. On the eve of the harvest, Vincent and his father select the most attractive vine stock in the healthiest vines, from which they remove the shoots that will serve as grafts. These will be used to carry out the replacement of dead or removed rootstock. This practice is not very common, as many domaines prefer clonal selection.


the culmination of
a year’s work!

The harvest is completed by hand, and Vincent and Aline are joined by a team of seasonal workers to help them during this key period of the year. Everything is put in place to pick, sort, and bring in grapes of exceptional quality.

With four grape varietals, located in multiple villages – the farthest of which being about fifteen kilometers apart from each other – the extra hands on deck allow them to organize the harvest of each parcel at its optimum maturity.


The vinification

delicate work!

The whites are off quickly to their dwelling place in the cellar : the harvest, pressed upon arrival at the winery, releases a must that, after a 24-hour static temperature-controlled racking, is placed in oak barrels in the cellar. There it begins its natural alcoholic fermentation thanks to the indigenous yeasts that allow the wine to maintain the typicity of the vintage.

The reds prefer a bit more attention: the grapes are hand sorted at the sorting table as soon they arrive at the winery. They are then destemmed and put in an open tank to begin the alcoholic fermentation. Manual punchdowns and pumpings-over are daily tasks that accompany these cuvées throughout the vinification process. The fermentation, as for the whites, is entirely natural, without added yeasts. The wine is then pressed and transferred to oak barrels in the cellar.


patience & diligence

Fût cave

Both the white and the red wines are aged entirely in oak barrels, in the domaine’s beautiful vaulted cellars. Depending on the cuvee, this period lasts between around 10 and 18 months. Vincent brings all the necessary care to his wine (topping-up, stirring of the lees depending on vintage, racking). The filtration is light or even nonexistent in order to preserve the aromas, and the bottling takes place at the domaine, with the waning moon.